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March 19, 2007


Eager to hear the rest of the story.
Sore eyelids -- What, no goggles?

A little further from Gulmarg is Sonmarg which is also very beautiful and the trek from Gulmarg to Sonmarg (we did it on horse-back 15 years ago), is breath-taking.
If you have time, its worth a trip.

If there's paradise on earth, it is here...it is here...it is here - is what is said about Kashmir. But the 'is' in many ways has now changed to 'was'. Perhaps, the reason why you used a sepia toned photograph? For many Indians the idyllic Valley which used to be a tourist's paradise is now more or less out of bounds!

Yes, that is true. Kashmir is indeed heaven on earth - I visited the place in April 2005 with my family. We took the bus from Jammu to Srinagar, driving on mountain roads with the river bullying its way through the rocks.

I was reluctant to go first but a friend, who had visited an year earlier, pointed out that more people die per day in road accidents in Bangalore, than in a month because of the inane militant bombings.

People are warm and hospitable and really welcome you.

And this year, it is to Uttaranchal in April.

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